Ruby Justice Thelot is a designer, artist & cyberethnographer based in new york city. he is an adjunct professor of design and media studies at nyu.

His work focuses on digital phenomenology, virtual ontology and the implications of being-on-line. he writes about  virtual realmsdigital communities, and artificial intelligence.

his work and research have been presented and published in journals, magazines and conferences, all over the world.

he is the founder of 13101401 inc,  a design and research studio, and is the host of The Sometimes show.  

he currently works as a product manager.


he's on twitter and instagram.



Selected design work and publications

Video-essay. "Techno-evangelists are the modern magicians. How can we navigate the ever-complex techno-magic?"

Comparative cyberethnography essay on communities in the furry fandom and the crypto-space

Meta-essay on the telos of technology by way of Heidegger

On early Christianity and NFT adoption

Design research essay about the iPod and the STEM Player