Longer list of selected talks, research and publications

The Avatar Identity Crisis panel examines the avatar as a medium of creation and self-representation, through a blend of artistic practice, academic knowledge and institutional perspectives.

Meta-essay on the telos of technology by way of Heidegger

Survey and theory of economics in the post-abundance world of digital art

On early Christianity and NFT adoption

Design history of the iPod and UXR comparison with the STEM Player

A personal essay on how to develop taste

An socio-economic theory of the migration to the metaverse

Comparative cyberethnography essay on communities in the furry fandom and the crypto-space

A poetry collection navigating the contemporary landscape and privatized utopias presented to us with a loveless grief that tethers the subject to this sysphian stone. Published by Nueoi Press.

Abuja Art Week Keynote Presentation on the creation of aesthetic communities in a non-group based platform such as Tumblr

My workshop addresses the active process of hybridization of social media feeds into dadaist visual poems, a practice endemic to the online community known as “People that Aumm sometimes and are also... ooohhhh.....”.

Essay on why most UFO sightings happen in the US