Selected TALKS

Ruby is an adjunct professor of Design, Media and Technology at New York University. He is a keynote speaker who has given talks to industry leaders, executives and academics on technology, artificial intelligence, new media and the metaverse. He is frequently invited to share his research at conferences and to private audiences in corporate settings. He has been hired by companies such as Deloitte and Amazon to present his research, and has spoken at cultural institutions such as the MoMA, Rhizome, the New Museum, Pioneer Works, and Miami Art Week.

Humans, AI and Reality - Interview with RADAR DAO, 2023

Will AI alter our shared reality, what makes us human, etc? Read the final report here.

Branding in the Age of AI, Retail Industry Conference, Chicago, 2023

How AI will influence brands.

Avatar Identity Crisis, Impakt Festival, Utrecht, Netherlands, 2023

The Avatar Identity Crisis panel examines the avatar as a medium of creation and self-representation, through a blend of artistic practice, academic knowledge and institutional perspectives.

Against the Instrumental Convergence Thesis, AI Safety Conference, 2023

A rebuttal to one of the central theses of the AI Safety field. Also available as an essay here.

Figure/Ground, FWB Fest, Idyllwild, 2023

Presenting the future of AI, creativity and culture. Featured in Forbes.

Art, Commerce and Technology, Museum of Modern Art, New York City, 2023

On the changing relationship between art, authenticity and value.

How to DAO, University of Pennsylvania, Blockchain Conference, Philadelphia, 2023

Panel on decentralized autonomous organizations

Web3 Social, NFTNYC, New York City, 2023

Panel on the future of decentralized social media

The Economics of Digital Art, Concordia University, Montreal, 2021

About the financialization of the art market, cryptocurrencies, and potential funding models that may be applied to benefit artists and digital communities alike.

Transfer Gallery Conversation, Transfer Gallery, 2021

Conversation around my essay "Gospel for a New Century" written for the New York Times reviewed blockbuster show "Pieces of Me"

Foray into Tumblr-Core, Abuja Art Week, Abuja, Nigeria, 2021

Abuja Art Week Keynote Presentation on the creation of aesthetic communities in a non-group based platform such as Tumblr

Aumms or Cyber-Dada: Forays into Neu Digital Poetry, DEL Conference, Parsons School of Design, New York City, 2021

This workshop addresses the active process of hybridization of social media feeds into dadaist visual poems, a practice endemic to the online community known as “People that Aumm sometimes and are also... ooohhhh.....”. It showcases first the history of this online art collective and presents how to make a neu-digital-poem, using an updated version of Tristan Tzara's 1920 method.